The Top 6 Negotiating Tips Every Business Person Should Know

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Jay A Shorr




Healthcare Management


Jun 29, 2022 , 01 : 00 PM EST |  37 Days Left


60 Minutes

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Does the thought of asking for things on YOUR terms make your stomach do backflips?

Do you HATE the thought of having to ask for the dollars you know should already be in your pocket? Learn how to properly negotiate everything in your business, including office space, supplies, equipment, banking and credit cards, accounting/legal, financing terms, and staff pay/incentives.  We’ll give you real-life examples of the benefits and pitfalls of proper negotiation, and each attendee will walk away with an understanding of how to be a better and stronger negotiator.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to successfully negotiate with vendors and determine if you’re getting the best price
  • Learn how to negotiate a deal to your satisfaction
  • Learn how to determine the other party’s objective
  • Learn how to keep your eyes on the hidden details in a negotiation in order to save as much money as possible

Areas Covered

  • “A Formal Discussion between people who are trying to reach an agreement.”
    • Oral
    • Written
    • Handshake
    • Prior Agreement
    • Assumed
  • You As an Employer
    • The process of hiring and negotiating pay WITH your employees
    • Negotiating FOR your employee's benefits with outside vendors
  • You As a Buyer
    • Equipment and Supplies: (Sales or lease agreement? Financing?)
    • Marketing/Advertising: (Schedules & Fees?)
    • Financing options for large purchases: (Percentage you’ll page?
    • Credit card processing fees: (Differs per credit card? Fee higher with no card present? Higher with cards associated with points? Cheapest rates?)
  • Once you determine what you are negotiating or purchasing, how do you know you’re getting the best price?
  • Tip #1:
    • Understand the other person’s needs and objectives
      • What is the other person looking for
      • What are YOU looking for?
      • What is the happy medium?
      • Don’t show an immediate need!
  • Tip #2: Don’t be afraid to ask questions and insist on answers!
  • Be sure to keep an eye out for the hidden details:
    • Example: With vendors, spell out details about samples, financing, rebates, returning products, cooperative advertising, shipping/handling, and more.
    • Look for the hidden fees!
    • Example: With employees, consider negotiation not only on wages but on flexible schedules and coverage of cell phones.
  • Like a good poker player … look for the “twitch factor.”
  • Tip #3:  Prepare and Compare
    • Do your research hand have all of the information! Then look over the facts side by side!
  • Ask the vendor about:
    • All applications (face vs. body, for example)
    • Lease vs. purchase options
    • Ongoing training
    • Marketing support
  • Consult To Agreement/Purchase
    • Listen
    • Educate
    • Consult
  • Facts vs. Opinions
    • Your Opinion vs. Their Opinion
    • Your Opinion vs. Their Fact
    • Your Fact vs. Their Opinion
    • Your Fact vs. Their Fact
  • Tip #4
    • Understand your levels of authority & limits, and don’t waste your time with the runaround!
  • Tip #5: Insist on putting everything in writing.
    • Avoid "He Said/She Said"
    • Oral contracts aren't legally binding
    • The only time you go back to a contract is when something goes wrong. Have a piece of paper to go back to!
  • Tip #6 Don’t Be Afraid To Walk Away

Why Should You Attend

More often than not, many providers are leaving valuable dollars on the table when making a purchase. This webinar will help them keep those dollars in their pockets instead.

Who Should Attend

Doctors such as body and facial plastic surgeons and dermatologists, as well as physician assistants and nurse practitioners within the aesthetic/cosmetic medical space.

Jay A Shorr
Jay A Shorr


Jay A. Shorr, BA, MBM-C, CAC I-XVI is the founding partner of Shorr Solutions, a national award-winning medical practice consulting firm assisting dermatology, surgical and aesthetic practices with their operational, administrative and financial health. Jay served as the Vice President of Operations and Practice Administrator for a leading board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in South Florida and has previously held partnerships in two leading South Florida plastic surgery centers. He serves as the only non-medical appointee on the Scientific Advisory Board for The Aesthetic Show since 2017 and co-led Shorr Solutions to win The Aesthetic Guide’s prestigious 2018, 2019, and 2021 Best Practice Management Company Awards (no awards were granted in 2020 due to COVID).  

A veteran in the conference lecture circuit, Jay also co-led Shorr Solutions to win 2017 to 2021 Top Aesthetic Service Provider Awards from Aesthetic Everything and serves as an international expert speaker for nearly a dozen aesthetic industry organizations every year. As a trusted professional, Jay shares his knowledge as an author for multiple industry publications.

In 2021, Jay won The Aesthetic Guide’s highly distinguished and highly esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award. To date, he serves as an adjunct faculty member in the Executive Education Department at Florida Atlantic University where he teaches the Medical Business Management course.