CMS keeps on making frequent changes to CoP standards for surgery, anesthesia, and PACU. And you already know that if you are a hospital that accepts Medicare and Medicaid should follow these standards lest you shall land yourself in trouble.

There has also been an increase in deficiencies and scrutiny by investigators for the same. Since your schedule is tight, we understand hospitals and those engaged in nursing do not get time to stay updated. We provide you with the best nursing webinars 2022 to keep you updated and help you maintain compliance.

You can visit our site and take a look at best nursing webinars 2022 taken up by Laura A Dixon, where she explains even the most complicated topics with ease.

Be it radiology, medical staff, telemedicine changes, complying with hospital CoPs, QAPI, and ED risk management issues, and more with our top nursing conferences 2022 as we ensure we deliver the best nursing webinars important for your professional growth.

CMS Emergency Services 2022

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Oct 05, 2022

120 Minutes

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