HIPAA and Compliance

HIPAA Act or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is a top concern today. As a hospital staff or a healthcare professional, you need to stay updated on HIPAA changes to maintain compliance. HIPAA maintains that the privacy of patients is maintained when concerning their Personal Health Information, and for the same, it issues updated standards frequently. 

Conference Panel ensures that as a healthcare professional you do not fall victim to HIPAA breach and pay the penalty. We bring to you updated HIPAA webinars with updated standards so that you are well aware of the current changes and stay compliant. 

If you work in a healthcare setting, you must be aware of HIPAA compliance. HIPPA sets out standards that you need to abide by to protect patients’ personal health information. You cannot disclose any information revealing the identity of the patient, also, when using his/her PHI, you must have his consent. HIPAA non-compliance can result in loss of jobs, even exorbitant financial penalties. 

Attend our HIPAA compliance webinars to never become the victim of a HIPAA breach, and know about the changes in HIPAA standards in detail.