Urology has always witnessed frequent changes and when it comes to coding, urodynamic doesnt remain untouched. If your core area revolves around urology and coding, you must register for our urology coding webinars to stay current with fast-paced changes. Urodynamics has seen frequent modifications and one must get thoroughly skilled to reap rewards of complete reimbursements besides avoiding underpayments and claims. Well, urogynecology coding for urologists is another major area covered in our webinars. Our well adept speakers guide you through the latest changes opening up about certain real-life scenarios so that you follow the correct coding procedures and do not fall victim to non-compliance.

Not just this, urology coding webinars also walk you through the revisions done in coding procedures both old as well as new so that you do not suffer any loss of considerable revenue. We also keep you updated with ICD-10-CM codes and CPT coding procedures using the didactic method of teachings done by our industry experts. Get well versed with every single change in the field and make your professional life easy and comfortable.

Wondering if you are the right person to attend our sessions? Well yes, if you are urologists, oncologists, non-physician providers, surgeons, gynecologists, urogynecologists, pediatric urologists, RNs, coders, billers, billing staff who code and post for carrier E/M payments and in any way associated with this field, you are the right persons to benefit for the session.

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